The Rad Dad’s Show

2.26 50th Episode - Heigold Tasting

July 4, 2021

Rob & Sal celebrate their 50th episode with Adam Edwards the brand ambassador for Rabbit Hole.  We do a deep dive into the bourbon process and how the temperature fluctuations are imperative to the process and the oak barrels used by rabbit hole are so important to the process they put their Kevlin Cooperage seal on the bottle.  The bottle we taste is a tribute to immigrant Christian Heigold who transformed Louisville.  Christian's house from the 1800s still partially stands as a historical site.  

Additionally, we talk about what it takes to be a rad dad.  How Adam was able to identify his wife was pregnant even before she knew!  What happens when you add water to your bourbon?  How to sensory train yourself, why honey malt & chocolate malt are more expensive.  What is a small batch?  What does Adam mean when he says a bourbon tastes like Dr. Pepper?

Lastly, the distillery is now open for tours so go check out the Rabbit Hole distillery b/c the guys plan to record from there in October!

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